My name is Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf, 26 years old and live in Berlin. I have been discovering art and exploring new worlds of color for over 10 years.

For me, my art is a way to express the world in colors, shapesand emotions. I strive to create a visually engaging experience that invites viewers to immerse themselves and get lost in my works. The use of colorplays a central role in my art. Colors have the unique ability to convey feelings and moods and I enjoy experimenting with different hues and contrasts. I often use bold and vibrant colors to create a lively and positive energy, but I also appreciate the calm and balance that soft and pastel tonescan provide.

The composition of my works is another important aspect of my artistic vision. I carefully plan how the elements on the canvas will interact with each other to create a balanced and harmonious overall image. It is important to me that my art conveys a message or a story that is open to interpretation and stimulates the viewer's imagination.

When it comes to the media I use, I'm always looking for new ways toimplement my ideas. Acrylic paints, water, pastels, oil pastels, spray cansand pigmetn sticks are just some of the tools I use to achieve my artistic goals. Each medium offers its own challenges and opportunities, and Ilove exploring this diversity. Ultimately, I want my art to inspire and touch people. I hope that my works resonate in the hearts and minds of viewers and that they offer them joy and a new perspective on the world.